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Birdwatching and ponds

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 What makes the surrounding territory unique is definitely its system of ponds.

The first pond we encounter is called “stagno delle saline” (salty pond) since it was named after a saltwork as well as its tower guard.
It is the only one connected straight to the sea by a 300 meters-long channel which contributes to make the whole landscape a magic place for its shades of pink from the Mediterranean vegetation all around it and the pink flamingos that moved there long time ago.
During the months of Summer, the pond is totally dry and people used to collect the salt.
Today the pond is still rich in salt but the collection does not take place anymore. What remains is the characteristic color and the scent of the sunrise over the sea, which paints the place red and allows us to enjoy a fairytale atmosphere.
Not far from it, there is the pond of Colostrai, which is connected from one side to the pond in Feraxi, both classified as Permanent Oasis of Wildlife Protection.
The pond in Colostrai, at the back of the beach,  is one of the most attractive marsh environment of Sardinia. This is a pretty damp area honored with an award, SIC AREA ( Site of Community Importance) since it is peopled by  several  species of birds, such as white and gray herons, egrets, cormorants, ducks, purple swamphens, marsh harriers and, above all, pink flamingos which have been nesting there for years.
Along its shores, some wild paths lead to the fishpond and to the most panoramic spots of the area, where to stop for photo safaris or birdwatching. The atmosphere is always pleasant but it reaches its climax at sunset with only the soft sound coming from the sea and the soothing colors of the sun itself.


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